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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Who would have thought? There is no way I could have guessed that I would ever be attempting something like this, ever. Nevertheless, the time had come for this kind of movement and growth in my own life, to be more open and share in a more authentic way. So stoked to have you along with me on this journey!


The Wife

My other half, AKA Super Hot Wife, as saved in my phone. Kelly Baker! Behind every good man is a great woman and I am no exception. Looking forward to celebrating 11 years this April with this hottie. Never could I have imagined I would have this kind of love in my life. It has been a fun and wild ride and not always easy. We continue to overcome many challenges, some that feel ordinary and others that are glaring, heavy and obvious due to the nature of my paralysis. Make no mistake, even though I am the one in the chair, we are both greatly effected by the paralysis. There is just no getting around the fact that wheelchair users in relationships are in unique situations. I believe there is a lid for every

pot! If I can find this kind of love, so can you!


Pro Tip!

Got something stuck inside your hand rim? I am in the garage. Let me show you how to resolve that!


E.Q. Emotional Quotient

Let's be fit, let's be strong and limber. Let's stay hydrated and practice preventative physical care. But, let's not forget to exercise the mind.

Be strong in your spirit. Learn how to deal with the inevitable challenges, so when they do come you have the tools required to meet them head on. Be sure to take the time to dig your well before you get thirsty, so when the times come that you need that drink you are ready.


If you missed the FISRT edition of the the Twisted Spine Newsletter, check it out here!

Thanks for reading!

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