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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

As a follow up to the Wide, wide world of wheelchairs podcast episode, I thought adding this blog would be a valuable resource. Below is a list of the companies I mentioned in the podcast. Some of these companies you know and maybe some are new to you. I have added a link that will take you to each builders respective site. Have fun exploring each site and be sure to examine the frames. Are they 'mono-tube', are they dual-tube? How do the order forms look? Enjoy taking the time to explore each website!


If you haven't listened to the show, I am discussing the FRAME ONLY. Take a look at these companies and see where you find differences and similarities. You be the judge of who can really bring it when it comes to design and what catches the eye... and who is transcending the idea of the chair and mobility.


Wheelchair Manufacturers List

TiLite / Permobil, Quickie / Sunrise Medical, RGK, Ki Mobility,

Motion Composite, Hands on Concepts (HOC), Eagle Wheelchairs, PER4MAX

XCalibur (might be closed), COLOURS, Melrose Wheelchairs, Box Wheelchairs,

Finch Adaptive Fabrication, Spartan Wheel Chariots, Ti Arrow, Reckless Wheelchair,

Pro Active, Progeo, Ultina, O'Racing (now with RGK), Tween, ARIA, Meyra, Pro Fit,

Carbon Black, GRIT Wheelchair, Nissin (no site), OX (no site I could discover), Jumper,

Roma, EX TRA Wheelchairs, Kuschall, RDS


Discover Your Wheelchair Specifications!

Did you know that TiLite customers can go to the Permobil site and search Education>Resources, scroll to the bottom and look for the Serial Number Look Up.

You will get a printable page that gives you all of the specs on the chair as it was order when it left the factory. Using your 'older', or current chair specs can be a good place to start when looking at how to measure the next chair you're considering, even if from a different manufacturer.


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