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How to Clean Wheelchair Hands

As far as hygiene is concerned, having clean hands is a priority. If we can start with clean hands everything else will fall into place. As wheelchair users we are prone to have hands that will constantly be marked up and getting dirty. There is just no way around this. Enter my Twisted Spine Wheelchair Hand Cleaning Regimen.


Here are my step for clean hands.

  • Trim the nails and make sure they are short. For me, the ideal length of my nails will not go past the skin of my finger tips. I do not like it when my nails will get long enough that dirt and other debris gets caught under the nail. It will get to a point where you can then see the dirt through the nails and this is bad hygiene. This is also a sign that your nails might be too long. Do not be afraid to cut your nails. They will grow back. Having short clean nails is a good indicator that you care about your cleanliness. Also, lets not be afraid to get dirty. This is the point. We are bound to get grime, dirt and just about every other disgusting element and particle on our hands, so let's start with keeping the nails short in order to prevent dirt and other things collecting underneath.

  • While in the shower and your hands are nice and wet, get them really soapy. Get your hands out from under the water and start using the pumice stone. You will be able to feel some jagged corners and edges where there is dead skin living, eospecially on the finger tips, where you just trimmed you nails. Also, if you this is new to you and you have never used a pumice stone before, be patient with it. It will probably feel a little uncomfortable for a little while until you get used to the abrasion. The more you use it, the comfortable you will be with it. After you have rubbed the pumice all over, THEN RINSE your hands and watch all the dirt and crazy muck come off onto the shower floor.

  • After the shower and my hands are dry, after I am dressed, I will quickly hit my finger tips again with a nail file. I know might sound like overkill, but you will still find edges and loose ends that the pumice did not get. Just a quick going over of the file will give you a nice clean finish to your hands.

  • The last thing I do, which is completely optional, is using some sort of quality lotion or moisturizer. I prefer (love) this Lost Range Skin Salve, which is actually a CBD product. You can use it anywhere, of course, but I love it for my hands. It gives them a great feel and provides just enough softness. It is also unscented, which I prefer with moisturizers.


If you are late to the party, that is OK! There has never a better time to start trying something new than right now! This is an inexpensive and simple way to improve your health and appearance. I believe this is also a great springboard for overall hygiene and implementing a regular hygiene regimen. If you missed part one on my Hygiene Series, the video is below!


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